Solar Pool Heating


SolarArk Solar Pool Heating Domestic and commercial pools

Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heating Commercial & Residential

Our SolarArk evacuated tubes are an effective method of providing heat to your swimming pool wether its domestic or commercial. Our systems can be designed to provide both heat for the pool water and hot water for amenities on site, using FREE sun light!  With SolarArk you can be assured that you can reduce your heating operating costs. We have taken our solar thermal knowledge used for domestic hot water and applied the same principles to our pool heating design. SolarArk provide heating for domestic entry level pools 10,000Lt to commercial operations 1M Lt and above. 

How it works

All SolarArk's pool heating systems are "indirect" or "closed loop" design, this means the pool water stays in the pool, we dont pump pool water over your roof. We transfer the energy generated by the solar array to the pool via a heat exchanger either Cupro-Nickel  or Titanium. The heating and pumping controlled by an automatic controller which coordinates the heating process. Enjoy a heated pool and relax about the heating bills! Contact SolarArk today.
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