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SolarArk believes that to improve our environment and economy we need to passionately pursue maximising energy efficiency through technology. This passion has seen SolarArk become a market leader by being “Better by Design” with a team of engineers and technicians with exceptional knowledge and expertise.  SolarArk  remains committed to  the  long term  design and manufacture of our Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water systems which continue to have un-rivaled efficiency and performance.

We are also committed to further developing and providing Australia with the highest quality and performance in a diverse range of additional products and solutions including: Solar Ventilation, Solar Hydronics, Co-Generation, Air Conditioning and Power. The benefits of using SolarArk extend across both Residential and Commercial  requirements.

Highest performance, Uncompromised Quality, and Leading Warranty – these are the true hallmarks of "Better by Design" from SolarArk.

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