Solar Hot Water


Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tube Systems 

Are you looking to save money on your utility bills and get hot water round the year? The best way to achieve both these purposes is to opt for a solar hot water system. This system utilizes the natural energy from the sun, converting it into electrical energy to heat up the water. You can use it for bathing, washing, laundry, and drinking. With technology advancements and the increasing electricity bills, solar power offers a viable alternative energy source.

So how does solar power heat up water for residential and commercial use?
The process is based on the solar collector technology. Solar collectors are parabolic mirrors designed to receive the sun’s rays. Hot water systems use these panels or collectors fitted to building roof. As the name suggests they collect heat energy from the sun’s rays for heating up the water stored inside a cylinder. Those who wish can use an additional immersion heater or boiler for further water heating, allowing it to reach the temperatures you want. Those who want to choose the best solar water heating system for their residential use need to consider the climate in their specific geographical location. There are mainly two choices for consumers.

  • Active water heaters
  • Passive water heaters

The difference between the two types is in the presence of controls and circulation pumps. Active water heaters come with direct or indirect circulation options. Both use collectors with indirect circulation, which use antifreeze fluids, and direct circulation using water for heat exchange. The passive heating system is for warmer climates, while for cooler climates an active system is required.

Solar Hot Water Product:

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