Solar Hot Water Rebates

Hot water accounts for approximately 25% of the average home energy usage – and a standard electric domestic hot water tank is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home.

The Australian Government is assisting homeowners and businesses to install environmentally-friendly renewable energy systems, such as solar hot water. Eligible systems receive STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates), which gives you a rebate payment after completion of the installation. The number of STCs given for each system depends on your location, installation date and amount of energy generated.

SolarArk evacuated tube hot water systems have the highest number of STCs for each standard system size… which means you’re not only getting the most efficient system on the market, but you’re also getting the most money back!

20 tube, 250 L 28 STCsAustralia's highest
20 tube, 315 L 28 STCs Australia's highest
30 tube, 250 L 39 STCs Australia's highest
30 tube, 315 L 40 STCs Australia's highest
30 tube, 400 L 39 STCs Australia's highest

Vitreous enamel tank, mid-mounted electric element, installed in Zone 3 (e.g. Brisbane or Sydney)

Do the right thing for the Environment – and your wallet!

Contact SolarArk today and ask us about replacing your old electric water heater with a SolarArk evacuated tube solar hot water system. SolarArk's national network of resellers will guide you through the red tape to ensure you get the best system for your requirements. SolarArk systems have the highest performance in the Australian market, so they’ll save you more energy and money over the life of the system.

Why convert to a SolarArk evacuated tube hot water system today?

  • Receive Australia’s highest performing solar hot water system.
  • Cut your water heating costs by up to 80%.
  • Reduce your household or commercial carbon footprint.
  • Receive generous financial incentives from Federal and some State Government schemes for installation.

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