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Commercial Solar Powered Roof Vents

Commercial Solar Ventilation

Looking to improve ventilation in your workshop, shed, factory or office? Ventilation can improve air quality by extracting fumes, smells and pollutants. It also helps control temperature and moisture content in the air.

For commercial situations, wind driven ventilators simply cannot provide the required air flow. The number of wind driven ventilators required would be excessively costly and impractical to install.

SolarArk Commercial Ventilation products are industrial grade, high-performance solar powered fans capable of moving massive volumes of air. With our efficient design and powerful components, we can help you ventilate any space – with zero running costs.

SAV-60T         Equivalent to 52 standard wind driven ventilators

SAV-120T       Equivalent to 112 standard wind driven ventilators

We’ll work with you to make sure our ventilators meet your individual requirements, with options including:

  • Wireless temperature and humidity adjustment
  • Battery back-up
  • Mains power backup
  • Fire system integration
  • Timers

Our products are also backed by industry-leading warranties.

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