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Electric boosted solar hot water system

All SolarArk solar hot water storage tanks come complete with electric boosting as standard. The boost can be tailored to meet your needs, mounted to either the bottom or the middle of the tank. All electrical components are fitted to the tank to ensure minimum heat loss and maximum weather protection, and is controlled through a pre-set thermostat.

The electric boost will kick in when there hasn’t been a lot of sun (eg. If there is a run of cloudy or rainy days), and will compensate for heat loss from the tank, ensuring you don’t run out of hot water.

Please note: mid element tanks will have typically less than half the total stored capacity of hot water.

The majority of installations the boost is connected to the off-peak tariff, allowing the storage tank to heat on cheaper rate power. If an off-peak tariff is not available, we can install an automatic timer to power the element in the evening or better still overnight.

Each household water usage is different and depending on your household the timer can be operated manually. The element can be switched on for additional boosting to reduce the chance of running out of hot water, but please note a full tank of water takes approximately three to four hours to reheat fully.

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