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Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

commercial solar hot water systems

For many businesses, heating water comprises a significant portion of their utility costs. Installing a commercial solar hot water system can efficiently reduce water heating costs, protect you against rising energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your sustainability credentials.

How Do Commercial Hot Water Systems Work?

Commercial solar hot water systems are typically comprised of the following components:

  • Solar hot water collectors – Evacuated tube or flat plate collectors are used in absorbing solar energy directly to heat water.
  • Circulation pump – A circulation pump is used to distribute water throughout the system to achieve efficient heating.
  • Back up energy source – During winter months and cloudy days, when sunlight isn’t abundant, a back up energy source, typically electric or gas boosters, will achieve optimum heating in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner. This ensures that hot water is available at all times.
  • Controller – A controller helps to monitor and control the water temperature.
  • Hot water storage tanks – Insulated water storage tanks efficiently store the hot water.

Benefits of Commercial Hot Water Systems

Rising energy costs can take a toll on your business’s finances. Installing a commercial hot water system can reduce your water heating costs by 50-90%. There are also tax incentives provided by the federal government to businesses who install solar hot water systems. You can also check with your state government or your local area for additional tax or financial benefits.

Another advantage is that you can efficiently reduce the carbon footprint of your business and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. There are environmental benefits, as well as the positive brand association for green businesses.

SolarArk – Commercial Hot Water Systems Specialist in Australia

SolarArk is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality, energy efficient commercial solar hot water systems to many different types of commercial establishments including apartment buildings, hotels and resorts, commercial office buildings, food processing plants, swimming pools and spa, wineries, and many others.

SolarArk provides your business with:

  • High quality products and superior performance
  • Competitive prices
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Up to 80% savings on your water heating bills

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