About SolarArk

SolarArk is a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance solar hot water systems and solar roof ventilation in Australia. Our systems are designed for use across diverse residential and commercial properties. We specialise in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning solar hot water and ventilation systems and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We make our customers feel valued and appreciated by engaging in customer oriented solar hot water system sales, design, installation, and service.

Our Vision

At SolarArk, we have a vision of creating a greener planet by harnessing latest developments in solar technology, to simultaneously reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of our clients. We don’t believe in compromising just to get products out the door – everything we design and produce is high efficiency, high performance and guaranteed to save you energy and money.

Our Mission

We endeavour to help our customers understand and make the best use of solar energy by providing cost-effective water heating and ventilation solutions for homes and commercial properties. We deliver superior service, quality manufacturing, and the most advanced technological innovations. We believe that we can provide great products through sustainable development, and which will provide a great return on investment for our customers.

Our History

SolarArk was established in 2009, committed to delivering unprecedented quality and superior performance for solar energy product range. We’ve learned a lot and applied this to developing our industry-leading hot water systems and solar roof ventilation. We pride ourselves in having the most efficient products on the market.

Our Team

As a company that specialises in custom designs, SolarArk employs some of Australia’s leading specialists and engineers in solar energy. We are all passionate about creating high quality solar energy systems for varied residential and commercial purposes.

Our team is dedicated to providing solar energy solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of our customers. Our approach has enabled us to attract and retain the most talented solar professionals and engineers, who bring their uncompromising commitment for quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service to SolarArk.

Quality Policy

SolarArk is a certified, manufacturer and supplier of evacuated tube solar hot water systems and solar powered roof ventilators in Australia. Providing the highest standards of quality is our priority, and we strive to achieve this with our commitment to performance, cost effectiveness, and continuous quality improvement. Our Quality Policy is designed to provide our customers with:

  • Comprehensive system analysis, evaluation, and design to meet diverse solar energy requirements
  • The highest standards of quality, enhanced performance, and durability to enable them to reap the benefits of their solar energy systems throughout its entire life span
  • To leverage the best solar energy system design and engineering expertise to deliver unprecedented quality.

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