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SolarArk products are sold and installed through expert local businesses around Australia
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Solar Hot Water - reducing your energy costs

The most efficient evacuated tube solar hot water system on the market.
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Feelin' the heat

We have the answer to cool you down in summer.
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Commercial Solar Hot Water - Design a solution

Provider and manufacturer for all your commercial applications. Drastically reduce or eliminate ever increasing energy costs.
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Commercial solar roof vents - never too big or small

We have products on the market to cover all roof ventilation needs in the commercial space.
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Trusted by more than 30,000 Australian homes and businesses

Welcome to SolarArk – leaders by design.

SolarArk believes that we can use technology to improve our environment and our economy. Our passion has seen us become a market leader by being “Better by Design”, with a team of engineers and technicians with exceptional knowledge and expertise. We also focus on helping our customers understand and leverage the advantages of solar energy.

SolarArk remains committed to the long-term design and manufacture of our Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water systems which continue to have unrivaled efficiency and performance.

The SolarArk Roof Ventilators are designed to keep you cooler in summer. Our roof ventilators will improve the energy efficiency of your cooling system, and our standard thermostatic shut-off systems will help keep in the warmth during cooler weather.

We have in-house engineers that can design any commercial solar hot water, solar roof ventilation or pool heating system. 

Australia’s Highest Performer, uncompromised quality, leading warranties.

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