Are there Rebates for Solar Hot Water?


Did you know that your standard electric domestic hot water tank is the largest single source of CO2 gas emissions from the average Australian home? Hot water accounts for almost 38% of your home energy usage. The Australian Government is assisting eligible home owners to install environmentally friendly hot water systems like our evacuated tube technology and rebates are still available to eligible households and businesses when a solar hot water system is installed.

There are different eligibility criteria depending on the circumstance and application type. At SolarArk we will guide you through the red tape to ensure you get the best system for your requirements.

Do the right thing for the Environment, Do the right thing for your wallet!

Contact SolarArk today and ask us about replacing your old electric water heater with a SolarArk evacuated tube solar hot water system. SolarArk evacuated tube systems significantly help you with lowering you’re up front “Out of Pocket” cost by attracting the highest STC rebate in the Australian market. You will also be helping us save our planets precious energy resources, whilst saving you money each and every day.


It’s clear to most of us that reducing our household carbon footprint to leave a less polluted world for future generations is common sense. With the assistance of Federal and some State Governments (VIC-Veecs rebate) offering generous rebates for efficient solar hot water systems it’s an easy decision.

 Why convert to a SolarArk evacuated tube hot water system today?

  • Reduce your household or commercial carbon footprint by converting from an old electric or gas storage system to a SolarArk evacuated tube hot water system.
  • Receive generous financial incentives from Federal and some State Governments (VIC-Veecs rebate) schemes. The STC Rebates significantly reduce your “Out of Pocket” expenses.
  • Cut your water heating costs by up to 80%.

If you are considering reducing your household or commercial carbon footprint the STC rebates will assist your household convert to a SolarArk evacuated tube hot water system, in this way we can all make a difference and help meet internationally accepted emission levels like the Kyoto agreement. It’s our responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet and future generations that we all contribute to help reduce the impact energy dependant humans have on the planet at the same time as saving your hard earned money.

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