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solar Tilt Frame

Tilt Frame for Solar Hot Water System

Do I need a Tilt Frame for my Solar Hot Water system?
The complete system is lightweight for easy installation and the stainless steel frame is resilient to corrosion. We manufacture solar tilt frames to suit our range of 10, 20 and 30 tube arrays. To achieve optimum efficiency, the solar collector needs to face the equator in Australia and New Zealand is due north. With the cylindrical shape of the evacuated tube solar collector installation angles of up to 45° away from north have minimal effect on the yearly solar production. Collectors facing east, achieve higher solar input of the morning. Collectors facing west, achieve higher solar input of the afternoon. However if the solar collector is installed east or west facing a pitching frame can be installed at an angle between 35-40° to improve output by exposing the tube to perpendicular sunlight.


What is the optimum angle to install the Solar Collector?

The tilt frame for solar panels should be installed for optimum winter performance. The tubes perform best when installed at an angle of between 20° and 70° from the horizontal. If a roof has an angle less than 20°, it is advisable to use an adjustable pitched roof frame to ensure optimal heat pipe operation.

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