Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel storage Tanks

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

At SolarArk we have chosen to use only high quality stainless steel solar hot water storage tanks. Our range of tanks has been designed especially for solar water heating storage, and the entire range is proudly Australian made! They are designed and made in Melbourne for Australians conditions.

Our stainless steel tanks are the superior option for solar water heaters. SolarArk supply the Everlast™ Series solar electric and gas water heaters.

The inner tank is made from high grade marine stainless. Stainless steel is ideal material choice for solar hot water storage tanks the water temperature produced by evacuated tube solar collectors in summer can get very hot and the Stainless Steel is well suited to the higher temperatures up to 95 Deg C.

The “double convex” cylinder design results in optimum electrical element, water supply and delivery port locations, this attention to detail aids the flushing-through of suspended solids which would normally deposit in the bottom of the tank.

The polymer outer casing is tough and durable, delivering superior thermal performance and low heat loss values. All our storage tanks comply with the Australian Standards (ISO 9001 & ISO14001) and are certified suitable for potable “drinking water” with the Watermark certificate. The Everlast™ Series solar electric and gas water heaters tanks are backed by a Fifteen Year Warranty.

These unique features reduce heat loss and give you more useable hot water!


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