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Residential Solar Hot Water System Controller

At SolarArk we have formed strong business relationships with our components suppliers to ensure we can deliver you the very best performance and reliability.

When it comes to our Smart Energy solar controller built by Senztek we have worked closely with their electronics and control engineers to build an outstanding solar controller.

The solar hot water controller is optimised to work in conjunction with our high performance evacuated tubes, through its smart control design it enables maximum energy delivery from the solar collector. With Senztek we have assisted in the development of stagnation control, our controller reduces the unwanted effects of collector array stagnation.

What does the solar controller do?

Our Smart Energy controller is a “differential controller,” this means temperature sensors measure the difference in temperature between the water at the bottom of the hot water storage tank and the water return from the collector. This control delivers a predetermined temperature within the storage tank. In our solar water storage controller, it will maintain the temperature at the bottom of the tank to a pre-set temperature of 65°C to 70°C.

What do we set the differential at?
The SolarArk smart solar hot water system controller delivers optimum circulation pump cycling or switching “On – Off” reducing the runtime and energy consumption. This is possible due to the built in control algorithm.

Circulation Pump Cycle “On and Off”


  • The collector manifold reaches a temperature greater than 8°C hotter than the solar storage tank resulting in the circulation pump being switched “on”. The circulation pump is “off” when the temperature reduces to 2°C.

Our entry level controller comes ready to “plug and play” all settings are factory set for optimum performance and quick and easy install. The entry level controller comes complete with indicator L.E.D lights, which allow basic function and operational status.

The L.E.D indicates the following operation status of the system;

    1. Power “ON/OFF”indicates power is on and the controller is active
    2. Circulation Pump “ON/OFF”indicates circulating pump is running
    3. Frost Modeindicates frost function is active
    4. Top-Outindicates tank has reached 70°C


Further information can be found in our download page;



Built In Freeze Protection
The solar collector is protected by a frost protection controller. Evacuated tubes are impenetrable against damage due to cold weather. If your system is located in an “Alpine Region” then it is possible for the manifold to drop in temperature sufficiently to require the circulation pump to switch on to raise the temperature and avoid the potential of the water freezing. The control set temperatures are 4°C “pump on” and 6°C “pump off”.

Please note that if you plan to install in areas prone to heavy snow fall, the solar collectors should be installed at an angle of 50° or greater to promote snow sliding off the tubes. Each tube is tested to withstand >50kg of loading.

What is Stagnation and Excess Heat?

Evacuated tube solar systems have the ability to heat water well above 100°C during periods of high solar radiation and minimal hot water usage. Our conventional controller has an inbuilt guard against hot water entering the storage tank. Once the bottom sensor has reached the pre-determined setting of 65°C, (known as TOPOUT) power is no longer sent to the pump. This is needed as it is a requirement that heat in storage tanks does not exceed 80°C. During these periods of high solar contribution and minimum hot water usage, the collector can generate more heat than is required. At these times, the controller will turn off the pump to prevent the tank from overheating and the hot water tank temperature will not increase further. In some cases a crackling noise may be heard in the pipes.&_cid=123′ type=’text/javascript’>

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