Install Valve Kit


SolarArk Installation Valve Kit

Installation Valve Kit

At SolarArk we have chosen to use Australian sourced high quality hot water system installation valve kit for our evacuated tubes and hot water storage tanks. Our installation kit has been specified by our engineers and designed by Australian Valve Group (AVG) based in Western Australia.

Each of the components has been designed especially for use with our high performance evacuated tubes. The kit ensures that your solar hot water system is installed with all the necessary parts and complies with the requirements of the Small-Scale Technology Certificate scheme or STC’s, and SolarArk’s design.

Each valve kit for hot water system (available as 15mm or 22mm) comes complete with a full colour installation schematic drawing which will assist the plumber with your installation, SolarArk aim to have every system installed “right first time”.

The design of the kit reduces the time needed to install your solar hot water system, they are simple and easy to assemble, and the design of the fittings allows the installer to be quick and efficient, keeping the install cost lower!

Another benefit of our SolarArk install kit is the “component insulation” each of the major components are supplied with UV stabilised and water resistant casing complete with fixing ties. This means your solar hot water system is installed correctly, heat loss is kept to a minimum and looks good to boot!

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