Gas Boosting


instantaneous Gas booster

Gas Booster for Solar Hot Water System

The gas boosted solar hot water storage tank is a standard tank with an instantaneous gas booster that can be attached to the tank or mounted on the wall near storage tank.


The gas boosters are available for connection to either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).


The S20, S26, and S32 solar gas boosters are pre-set to 70˚C to automatically operate only when hot water is used if water temperature in the tank drops below 55˚C.


The instantaneous solar hot water gas booster is activated if the water passing through is less than 55°C. The solar hot water gas boosted storage tank will automatically turn off when boosting is not required, therefore increases energy efficiency. S21 or S26 hot water gas boosters have limited hot water flow due to the flow rate of the gas booster (21 or 26 litres per minute). The solar hot water with gas booster is designed for outdoor installation and can be mounted on the storage tank or on the wall within a short distance of the storage tank. For indoor installation an indoor fueled model can be used. If wall mounting is used insure that the piping from the storage tank to the solar gas boosting is as short as possible and well insulated without any exposed section.&_cid=123′ type=’text/javascript’>

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