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circulation Pump

Grundfos Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump

At SolarArk we have chosen to use the DZR Brass body Grundfos Solar 15-20 circulation pump over the composite plastic body variant. This supply arrangement is exclusive to SolarArk within the solar hot water Australian market, we use the best equipment!

The solar pump is very efficient with low power usage characteristics and can be used with open or closed loop solar circuits. Solar transfer fluids can be water or glycol.

The Grundfos Solar 15-20 comes complete with a three speed asynchronous circulator, with low energy usage; it is certified “B-class technology”.

Grundfos Solar 15-20 with DZR body Specification

  • Minimum / Maximum temperatures: – 25 to +100 Deg C
  • Maximum “peak” temperature 140 Deg C
  • Pressure class PN10
  • Protection class X 4D
  • Insulation class H
  • Resistant to condense water at a low temperature and a cold start protected.
  • Suitable for use in open loop and closed loop solar hot water systems

The Grundfos Solar 15-20 range is robust, endurable and temperature resistant. It is suitable for water/glycol mixtures and coolants without mineral oils. The pump with composite housing is specific to be used on solar applications and the pump can be used in both open and closed systems.

What does the Solar Pump do?

The solar hot water circulation pump operates intermittently throughout the day to maintain maximum hot water output and minimise energy consumption, it is controlled by the solar controller during an average year the pump costs approximately $10-$15 per year to run.

  • SolarArk are the only Australian manufacturer who supply the Grundfos pump with a bronze DZR housing, built to last!

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