Heat Pump


Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Integrating the heat pump with the vacuum tube or solar panels means the performance is unsurpassed, outperforming all other heat pumps!
Overview of the heat pumps and where they are best suited for installation.

Duo-System Retro fitting into an existing heating system.

The existing heat source will remain; the solar supported heat pump is supplementary to the heating system in 4, 6, 8, or 10 panel systems.

Complete System

This system although using the same components is designed to be installed in a New Energy Efficient Home. The energy consumption of the property must not be greater than 12,000 kWh/Year. A consultant or energy assessor would need to be involved to ensure that the property was within the heat load that this system can provide, it is common these days for energy assessors to be involved in new build properties, we would need to consult with them to ensure that this system is suitable.

Solar Assisted Heatpump-Systems

These systems again would be more suited to New Energy Efficient Homes, or properties that were refurbished with insulation levels being brought up to modern standards. This would be the same for any heat pump installation. In this system we use the larger Thermosolar heat pumps, available in different kW ranges; these systems require a ground source loop.

Thermosolar heat pump Benefits;
  • In the autumn when the heating demand is not too high the solar panels may provide sufficient energy to heat the home without the use of the heat pump thereby saving on electricity.
  • When the heat pump is in operation the solar panels can increase the flow temperature to the heat pump, which will increase the COP of the system.
  • In the summer months when less energy is required the solar energy will regenerate the ground, from where it has been extracting its heat from over the winter months, this ensures that the ground does not lose its ability to provide heat for the heat pump, this also ensures that the system can always perform to its optimum and keeps the COP high, year after year.
  • As the system is supported by the vacuum tube or solar panels, the ground loop can be smaller than other systems.

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