Co-Generation Engines

Combined Heat & Power (C.H.P)
Introduction - SolarArk Leading the way with Co-Gen Engines
A cogeneration system consists of a prime mover turning an alternator to produce electricity, and a waste heat recovery system to capture heat from the exhaust and cooling water jacket.
There are two sources of heat recovery
  • Exhaust gas at high temperature (650 Deg C)
  • Jacket cooling water system at low temperature (90 Deg C)
What’s Co-Generation?
Go-Generation or ‘Combined Heat and Power’ (CHP) is the use of an engine to provide heat and power which are both utilized on site.
In its basic layout a cogeneration engine provides electricity energy from a generator and thermal heat recovered from the exhaust or the cooling system.
Energy savings of upto 45% can be obtained in comparison to conventional generation methods.
What’s Tri-Generation?
Tri-Genertation can provide your business with onsite;
  • Power
  • Heating
  • Cooling via an ADsorption chiller
In simple terms a Tri-Generation system is;
Tri-Generation = Co-Generation plant + ADsorption Chiller