AEFC Series ADsorption Chillers

The SolarArk ADsorption chiller range has carefully been selected for its use of quality components and support not forgetting they have been designed with performance in mind.
Using our many years of involvement within HVAC industry plus our knowledge of bringing solar systems to the market we took the natural step of extending our range to include Co and Tri generation solutions.
AEFC Series offers the following advantages:
  • Range of capacities
  • Energy saving & CO2 reduction
  • No Freons chiller, water as a refrigerant and silica gel as an adsorbent
  • No daily checks required
  • Deal with the Australian distributor & service agent
  • Australian Manufactured & Owned
Who is behind the AEFC Series ADsorption Chiller?
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What is an ADsorption Chiller?
An ADsorption chiller is simply a refrigerator that uses a heat source to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling system.
ADsorption chillers are an alternative to regular electric or gas compressor refrigerators. They are ideal where conventional power is unavailable or noise pollution is a consideration, of course where there is waste heat they are unmatched for efficiency.
What is the Heat Source?
The heat source can be provided from various inputs;
  • Solar Thermal
  • Gas - Natural / Bio
  • Bio Mass
  • Waste Heat

SolarArk can naturally provide complete solutions for solar thermal using our class leading evacuated tube & evacuated flat plate technologies. SolarArk also have a full range of co-generation engines (13kw - 1000kW) which complement the AEFC Absorption chiller range.