Interesting Facts about Solar Hydronic Heating

In most areas where extreme cold weather is experienced, it is not unusual to find in homes and offices the presence of a heater installed in some corner of the house or office. When the heater is put on, warm air is produced and heats the room to the desired temperature.

Hydronic heating

There is another way we can address the extreme cold weather. Using a network of well-arranged pipes embedded beneath a concrete floor, behind walls, and inside the ceiling, hot water is allowed to flow into the tubes to emit heat to the floor, the walls and the ceiling and complete the air conditioning inside the room. This system of heat transfer using hot water is called hydronic heating.

Solar Hydronic Heating

In more recent times following the call for sustainable living, hydronic heating has adopted solar energy as its heat source for the hot water, hence the solar hydronic heating system. This system has become very popular as it is practical and is often a favourite conversation piece in locations where it is installed. Isn’t it amazing to have your floor and walls warmed during cold weather? And to think that you will continue to have this heating system for as long as there is water since the sun is always there and therefore it is free!

Managing the flow

Hydronics for homes may find even more practical applications once we realise that we can connect our tubing system to the hot water system for domestic use. It means that we do not have to install another solar collector to have the hydronic heating system for the home.

Another interesting feature of the solar hydronic heating system is that we can sectionalise the system to maximise usage of the hot water by installing gate valves to every separate section of the house. This way, we manage the flow of hot water to go where it is needed.

Heat vapour

Having a solar hydronic heating system in our home offers many advantages. For one, it is the most convenient way to get heat when it is cold since heat is emitted smoothly by natural convection from the tubes to the concrete flooring. This is certainly more comfortable than getting hot air blown into the room from air ducts.


Moreover, as we enjoy the warmth, both literally and figuratively, we do it without as much noise or sound as what may come from an air heater or air cooler. Heat emission is invisible and noise-free and is evenly spread over the space. The only part that moves in a solar hydronic heating system is the pump which is installed outside near the water tank where hot water is collected.

Lesser cost than ducts

In a solar hydronic heating system, the water piping system that is embedded beneath the floor and behind the walls and inside ceilings, will use less materials for the required heated water than the materials needed for the ducting system of the air heater. And when we connect the tubes to the solar hot water system for the utilities, we are in fact enjoying substantial economies of scale by getting our hydronic water at a lesser cost.

Lay-out during construction

For all these advantages that pertain to solar hydronic heating, we can also be sure that the system’s installation is easy and simple. We can have the piping network laid out during construction or introduce a concrete slab where we embed the tubing during renovation. For aesthetics, we may top the concrete with tiles or polish it.

Long lasting

A hydronic system can last up to thirty years or more. We can also expect that in that time span, we are equally gifted with a long and healthier life since the heat emission we are receiving is allergen-free.

Get the professionals

If you plan to have a solar hydronic heating system in your next construction or renovation project, we suggest you engage the services of experienced professionals to ensure the system’s efficiency.

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