Heat Pump Water Heater Tips to Help You Make the Right Decision

Everyone wants to save some money when it comes to maintaining their homes including keeping the utility costs down. When it comes to hot water heating, this can be done with the use of the heat pump water heater. This is, of course, is possible if you have made the right purchase choices. Here’s a guide to help you decide well.

Tip #1: Decide on the Fuel Source

You have to make the decision as to which is the best source for operating your heat pump water heater. The deciding factors on this will be the availability of the energy source as well as its efficiency and cost. For this reason, many people are turning to solar energy as their number one choice as the fuel source.

Tip #2: Consider the Tank Size

The choice of the tank size you will use is important as this is going to hold your water supply. You might be faced with several different options when you are shopping around for a tank, and this can get confusing. There are demand type water heaters, which have no tank, and then there’s the solar water heating system, and storage and heat pump (with tanks) water heaters. Solar energy has become the way of the future and now is the time to start integrating this form of energy into your home any way possible.  Starting with the heat pump water heater is an excellent way.

When using a quality provider for heat pump water heater systems like, you will find it beneficial since they have the experience and expertise to help you determine the size of the tank that you need. They usually determine this by considering the number of people in the household, as well as the environment that you are living in.

Tip #3: The Type of Storage Tank

The Australian climate that you are exposed to will play a big role in which tank you choose. You definitely want to choose one that is top quality. Two of the best there is are the Vitreous Enamel Storage Tank and the Stainless Steel. Which one of these is best for you will depend on your specific circumstance?

  • The Vitreous Enamel Storage Tank

These are high-efficiency storage tanks that work extremely well with solar water heaters. They are the best choice for those whose water quality is poor. These are water types such as hard or bore water and water that has high salt content.

  • The Stainless Steel Tank

This is another great option for the storage of your hot water, and many consider this the best option based on its superior performance. The features that this storage tank possesses allow the user to enjoy less heat loss and an increase in usable water.

Tip #4: The Right Dealer

Choose the right heat pump water heater dealer. This is an important investment that you are making in your home. Your primary goal is to have as much hot water as your family needs at the most efficient cost.

You want to be sure that the company that you are utilizing has experienced installers for your heat pump water heater. They have to be aware of the regulations and safety issues concerning the installation. The proper installation means this water heater will be fully optimized for performance and is working at its best energy efficiency capabilities.

Tip #5: Customer Service

Make sure the Company you are going to use stands behind their workmanship and products used. Check out what warranties they offer on the equipment.

By taking the time to implement these tips and choosing the right heat pump water heater system for you offered by a reputable provider like, you are going to save money. Most importantly you are going to have a good supply of hot water that is going to meet the needs of your entire family.

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