Heat Pump Solar Hot Water System Buying Guide

Heat pump solar hot water systems provide the best opportunities for having all the access you need for you and your family’s hot water supply. It is fast becoming the number one choice for many homeowners and business owners because of its efficiency and performance. There are some steps that you should follow when purchasing this type of water heating set-up.

Choose the Right Dealer

You want to be sure that your heat pump solar hot water systems provider has all the right credentials to be able to provide the right installation for these types of water heating units. They should be established like, and be able to provide you with good customer service. You should feel confident in being able to ask pertinent questions and that the answers you receive satisfy you.

Understand How the System Works

If you are going to invest in a water heating unit, then you should have a basic understanding of how it works. This way, you will know if it fits in with your hot water requirements. Your supplier may explain the two main options for the heat pump solar hot water systems, and these are the active water heaters and the passive water heaters.

The main difference between these two are the controls and the sort of circulation pumps used in them.  Your supplier will help you to determine which choice is the best for you. If you live in the warmer parts of Australia then go with a passive system. On the other hand, if you are located in the colder regions then the active system is a better choice for you.

Choice of Equipment

You will also have to make a decision on the choice of water storage tanks, which is part of the requirements for the heat pump solar hot water systems.

The best option for you depends on the condition of your water. If you have poor water quality, for example, it is bore or hard water, and it is high in salt content, then you need a top quality water storage tank like the Vitreous Enamel Storage tank. For even less heat loss and increased water use then your best choice would be the Stainless Steel tank. Either one of these is a great choice as they are both quite capable of withstanding the Australian climate.

You may also have to make a choice in the solar frames. With the help of modern technology, these frames have improved their durability and efficiency. Depending on the region where you live in, you may want to choose between quality frames like the tilt frame or the cyclone frame.

Your Expectations

Also, prior to the system installation, you want your heat pump solar hot water system provider to provide an estimated cost. Apart from the initial cost for acquiring this system, of course, you want to know how much you can save too. When providing an estimate, your provider will have to look at all the factors including how much water is used on an average, the climate and area you live in, which dictates the performance of the system, as well as a comparison based on the type of fuel and water system that you currently use. A company like will certainly meet all of your expectations and more.

What does the company offer?

Be sure to check out any incentives or financial arrangements the heat pump solar hot water system provider has to offer. Also, check the equipment’s warranties.

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