About Us


About SolarArk

SolarArk is a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance solar hot water systems in Australia. Our systems are designed for diverse residential and commercial applications. We specialise in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning solar hot water systems and we have vast experience and proficiency in delivering world class customer service. We strive to make our customers feel valued and appreciated by engaging in customer oriented solar hot water system sales, design, installation, and service. We are Australia’s premier manufacturer of high quality evacuated solar hot water systems, with a focus on helping our customers understand and leverage the advantages of solar energy in a cost effective and energy efficient manner.&_cid=123′ type=’text/javascript’>

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    Our Vision

    At SolarArk, we have a vision of creating a greener planet by making use of the latest in solar technology, to simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and to reduce their energy costs.

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    Our Mission

    SolarArk endeavors to help our customers understand and make the best use of solar energy by using advanced solar hot water systems, solar ventilation, Solar hydronics. We strive to provide cost-effective water heating, ventilation and hydronic solutions to our customers, with a commitment to deliver superior service, quality manufacturing, and the most advanced technological innovations. At the same time, SolarArk is committed towards sustainable development, by providing “Highest Efficiency” energy saving solutions for Residential and Commercial enterprises.

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    Our History

    SolarArk was established in 2009 with the commitment to deliver unprecedented quality and superior performance for solar hot water systems. We have had vast experience in the field of HVAC since the mid 1980’s. Our vast knowledge and engineering capability has been applied to develop industry leading hot water systems that harness more of the available solar energy, to provide a cost effective and energy efficient solution to all SolarArk customers. We are “Australian leaders by design,” specialising in manufacturing solar collectors that are Australia’s highest performing product. We have a “No Compromise” approach to efficiency and quality which continues today. With the addition of products in other solar categories such as Solar Ventilation, Solar Hydronics and Co-Generation, SolarArk is fast becoming the go-to choice no matter your requirement.

Our Team

As a company that specialises in custom designs, SolarArk employs some of Australia’s leading specialists and engineers in solar energy. Our employees are passionate about creating high quality solar hot water systems for varied residential and commercial purposes.

We believe in fostering employee relations, attracting highly talented solar professionals and engineers who have an uncompromising commitment for quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to providing solar energy solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of our customers in order to provide them with an optimal return on their investment.

Quality Policy

SolarArk is a certified, manufacturer and supplier of solar hot water systems and evacuated solar hot water tubes in Australia. Providing the highest standards of quality is our foremost priority, and we strive to achieve this with our commitment to performance, cost effectiveness, and continuous quality improvement. Our Quality Policy is designed to provide our customers with:

  • Comprehensive system analysis, evaluation, and design to meet diverse solar energy requirements
  • The highest standards of quality, enhanced performance, and durability to enable them to reap the benefits of their solar hot water systems throughout its entire life span
  • To leverage the best solar hot water system design and engineering expertise to deliver unprecedented quality.